Napolitano: Trump Being Under Audit ‘Would Not Be a Defense’ Against House Tax Return Request

Judge Andrew Napolitano blasted Congressional Democrats for officially requesting President Donald Trump’s tax returns through a little-known law. The chairman of the House Means and Ways Committee and/or the Senate Finance Committee can ask for anyone’s tax returns.

Napolitano also said Trump being under audit, as he said when asked about the Democrat’s request, would be not a defense against their request. He further warned how if they can look at Trump’s tax returns at any given time, they can do it to anyone.

“I don’t know what the argument can be. I understand the president is under an audit. That’s private. If he is under audit he knows it the public doesn’t know it, that would not be a defense,” he said on Fox & Friends. “I’m sure this is going to end up in the court because Mnuchin is not going to release it voluntarily. Even though the statute states,” the Secretary of the Treasury must hand them over.

“The other argument is he is a human being. He has the — taxpayer. He has the same privacy rights as the rest of us. Again, as I said, they did this to Donald Trump, they can do this to any of us,” he added.

During the segment, Napolitano did not mention Democrats long-standing concerns of Trump violating the emoluments clause.

Watch above, via Fox News.

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