Napolitano: Trump ‘Shooting Himself in the Foot’ If He Goes Ahead with Sanctuary Cities Plan


Fox News senior judicial analyst Andrew Napolitano says Donald Trump‘s threat to send illegal immigrants to sanctuary cities will hurt the president more than it will help him.

Napolitano spoke to Fox Business’ Ashley Webster on Monday about Trump’s repeated proposal for detained migrants, which critics are lambasting as an effort by Trump to punish his political opponents.

Napolitano said Trump has the legal right to go ahead with it, but “he will shoot himself in the foot.”

“This is the opposite what he said he was going to do,” Napolitano said. “He criticized President Obama very harshly for what President Trump called catch-and-release. People are stopped at the border. They make an application for asylum in the Obama years they were free to go wherever they wanted in the United States expected to come back to hearing as for whether or not they were entitled to asylum.”

Napolitano went on to say Trump’s proposals will hurt him if undocumented immigrants are shipped to sanctuary cities and make a big enough impact in the 2020 census that it necessitates more congressional representation for those areas.

“He really will be shooting himself in the foot causing more congressional representation to be justified in the cities by the presence of the aliens sent there,” he said. “If they stay there, they will be free to go wherever they want!”

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Watch above, via Fox Business.

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