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National Security Advisor O’Brien Says He’s ‘Not Aware’ Of Trump Asking Ukraine to Investigate Bidens

White House National Security Advisor Rob O’Brien claimed he was unaware that President Donald Trump made a request for Ukraine to investigate his political opponents.

As O’Brien spoke to ambassadors and members of the State Department at a conference on Wednesday, he was asked what Trump will do now that it looks like the Senate is set to acquit the president over the Ukraine scandal.

“Is the administration going to continue to seek investigations of the Bidens in Ukraine?” A reporter asked.

“I’m not aware of any requests the president made to investigate the Bidens per se,” O’Brien answered. “I think what the president wanted done is he wanted the Ukrainians to investigate corruption in Ukraine. He made that very clear and look, we want governments around the world, especially when a new government comes in to replace a government in which corruption had flourished. We want governments to investigate corruption.”

O’Brien continued to insist that Trump’s motivations were about fighting corruption. He said he looks forward to Trump’s acquittal because his impeachment was “a terrible pall” cast upon the United States. O’Brien added the investigation into Trump’s Ukraine dealings was “unfounded” and that there was “no indicia of fairness” in the impeachment process.

Trump spoke in front of cameras in October and said “They [Ukraine] should investigate the Bidens.”

“Likewise, China should start an investigation into the Bidens,” he added.

Watch above, via C-SPAN.

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