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NBC Affiliate Lands Exclusive Post-Crash Interview With Drunk Driver

A driver put the lives of a busload of children in grave danger on Friday by driving her car straight into the school bus in front of her. Troopers on the scene, according to WESH Orlando’s anchor, were left wondering whether Crull was drunk at the time, but it didn’t take the station too much effort to gather the evidence the troopers didn’t have. Crull granted an interview, where she explained she accidentally pressed the brake instead of that other thing whose name she can’t recall.

The NBC affiliate caught up with Crull shortly after the crash, where she made an attempt to explain the logic behind her move to completely wreck her car by driving it into a large bus. There wasn’t, as imaginable, much logic– she tried to press the brake and pressed the gas pedal instead. She couldn’t remember what the gas pedal was though, as whatever influences made her crash her car seemed not to have worn off by the time of the interview. She received a DUI for her handiwork.

WESH’s interview (h/t below:

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