NBC Doesn’t Air Nudity, So Why Are Actors In New Show Being Asked To Agree To Take It All Off?

Call it the reverse Sopranos. The famous filthy language of HBO’s hit show was great for pay TV, but no so hot for syndication. So they shot two versions: the original, and the somewhat-less-swearing-and-not-so-nude-and-violent version. NBC appears to be taking a page from that book–in reverse. Actors signed for the network’s upcoming series The Playboy Club have reportedly been asked to sign a stipulation that–if asked–they will take it all off. “Nudity as defined above and/or simulated sex acts may be required in connection with player’s services in the pilot and/or series,” reads the clause signed by stars Amber Heard, Eddie Cibrian, Jenna Dewan-Tatum and Leah Renee, according to the New York Post.

Obviously, NBC won’t be running an all-nude, simulated sex series on broadcast TV. But they appear to be thinking about shooting a second version of the show that will be available on DVD and for syndication overseas. Cha-ching!

Sadly, fortunately, none of the actors will be compelled to strip:

The actors, however, can’t be forced to shoot nude scenes. If it came to pass that nudity was included, the particular scene in the script must be given to the actor(s), allowing them the opportunity to consent or decline, according to the report.

If this catches on, which shows would you most like to see turn out an “uncut” DVD?

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