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NBC, ITV Going In Halfsies On 2 New Correspondents

The UK’s ITV News is splitting the costs of overseas reporting with NBC News: appointing two correspondents who will cover stories for both news orgs.

Rohit Kachroo, currently an ITV crime reporter, will become the Africa correspondent for both NBC and ITV. He’ll take on his new post in Johannesburg later in the month after the joint operations in Africa are set up.

According to a report in the UK’s Press Gazette, ITV’s middle east reporter John Ray will also get a new dual-continent gig, with support from NBC’s Israel-based production team.

The cost-sharing arrangement allows both ITV and NBC to stay closer to international stories while saving money:

“We’re expanding our foreign operations at a time when many news organisations are retracting theirs, and we’re proud to do so hand-in-hand with America’s market leader,” said Jonathan Munro, deputy editor of ITV News.

NBC says it’s a win-win:

Chris Hampson, NBC’s international news director, said: “In a world of cultural and political interdependency, it is vital that we deliver to our audience first-hand reporting from wherever news happens.

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