NBC News Confuses ‘Harvest Moon’ Singer Neil Young With Moon Walker Neil Armstrong

NBC News can claim bragging rights to breaking the sad news of the death of astronaut and Neil Armstrong. As the first man to walk on the moon, it is a big story for all national news media.

But they will also have to accept the shame of having initially confused American hero Armstrong with 66 year old Canadian crooner Neil Young who is very much alive and preparing to release a second 2012 album in October.

When they initially reported the news, it was that “Astronaut Neil Young” had died (which remains the top cached Google news search result for “Neil Young” as of 7:37 eastern time). So why might this have confusion have occurred? Well Young did sing a song about a moon “Harvest Moon”, about an “Old Man” who may have been close to death, and even wrote one called “Ambulance Blues”. But the bigger problem may have been that in the rush to break the story, “Like A Hurricane” they got a slight case of “Tired Eyes.”

NBC quickly corrected the error.

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