NBC News’ Luke Russert: Obama Does Better When in ‘Campaign Mode’

NBC News reporter Luke Russert appeared on MSNBC’s News Nation with Tamron Hall on Friday just as President Barack Obama concluded an address to a group of supporters in Missouri castigating Congressional Republicans for flirting with a government shutdown. Russert said that the president’s address was reminiscent of the 2012 campaign. He added that Obama “does better” when he’s in “campaign mode.”

Hall began by quoting reporter John Harwood who could see by the president’s “tone” how the fight over a shutdown “all could potentially play out in a negative way for Republicans.”

Russert agreed. He said it was one of the president’s “strengths” when he can speak before a crowd and lay out complex issues in a “kitchen and table way.”

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“He does better when he’s out of D.C. and in campaign mode,” Russert observed.

He added that Democratic aides he has spoken with on Friday informed him that they were happy that Congressional Republicans held a news conference after passing a bill that would defund Obamacare. They told Russert that, if there was a shutdown, they could contrast Republicans appearing to celebrate their vote with Obama’s sober remarks in Missouri.

Watch the clip below via MSNBC:

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