NBC News’ Neely: Syria ‘Welcomes’ U.S. Action Against ISIS

NBC News chief international correspondent Bill Neely reported Thursday morning that a senior Assad official told him the country welcomed U.S. military action against ISIS within Syrian borders, providing that the U.S. coordinated with the Syrian military in air strikes.

“You might expect the Syrian government, any government to protest the prospective bombing of their country by U.S. war planes, but here there are no protests,” Neely said on Morning Joe. “In fact, quite the opposite. I’ve just come from a meeting with a senior regime official who all but welcomed the U.S. air strikes against our common enemy.”

However, Neely added, “What the Syrians don’t like is the second half of the president’s plan, the idea of training and arming the rebels, because the Syrian government believes there’s no difference between the armed rebels who are trying to get rid of President Assad and ISIS terrorists as they call them. They say how can the U.S. possibly bomb one, ISIS, and then train the other in Saudi Arabia?”

President Barack Obama addressed the nation Wednesday evening and outlined a four-point plan for combatting ISIS, with military action against the Sunni militants in northern Iraq and possibly in Syria, where the group originated.

Watch the clip below, via NBC News:

[Image via screengrab]

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