NBC News Pulls Reporter Who Witnessed Israeli Attack in Gaza


NBC News reporter Ayman Mohyeldin spoke firsthand to MSNBC yesterday about an Israeli attack on a Gaza harbor that killed four children and injured three more. Mohyeldin was one of many reporters who witnessed the attack from a nearby hotel, and later tweeted in detail about the fatalities:

But by Wednesday evening, NBC had removed him from Gaza entirely. According to Glenn Greenwald, who spoke to sources at the network unhappy with the decision, NBC removed him for “security concerns,” though NBC News foreign correspondent Richard Engel was reporting on the conflict later in the day.

Mondoweiss noted that the reassignment came shortly following Mohyeldin’s criticism of the State Department on Twitter and Facebook, criticism that was later deleted:

Mohyeldin, who came over to NBC News in 2011 after a star-making turn at Al Jazeera, has spoken before about the need to recognize Palestinian authorities and “rein in” Israel.

Mediaite has reached out to NBC News for comment and will update accordingly.

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