NBC News Reporter Gets Absolutely Soaked by Water Cannon While Covering G20 Protests

Throughout today and yesterday, NBC News correspondent Keir Simmons has braved the danger of the G20 protests in Hamburg, getting right in the middle of the action to report on activists violently clashing with German police. Wearing a helmet most of the time, Simmons has dodged bricks and bottles — and swear words — while still managing to deliver his reports when called upon by the network.

And he was absolutely soaked when police turned a powerful water cannon on a crowd of protesters.

However, despite being on the receiving end of a complete drenching, Simmons stayed on top of the task at hand, which was reporting from the scene. With chaos all around him and having just experienced something of a traumatic experience himself, Simmons kept on reporting, following the action and detailing what was going on while police chased down demonstrators.

In an age where many of those in the media feel like a mean tweet or harsh comment constitutes danger, it is somewhat refreshing to see a journalist actually deal with perilous situations without complaint.

Watch the clip above, via NBC News.

[image via screengrab]

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