comScore NBC Viewers Trash Matt Lauer For Thanksgiving Parade Hosting Performance

NBC Viewers Trash Matt Lauer For Thanksgiving Parade Hosting Performance

Today Show host Matt Lauer was largely panned by NBC viewers for what they believed was a tired and sloppy hosting of the Macy’s Thanksgiving Day Parade.

The New York Post aggregated many of the harsh Twitter assessments aimed at Lauer. “Matt Lauer should get a lifetime-achievement award for saying ridiculous things with deadpan, absolute sincerity,” tweeted one viewer. “Way to go Matt.”

The anti-Lauer sentiment became more palpable with the “gotcha” moment when he mispronounced a song title while introducing Matthew Broderick and Kelli O’Hara’s performance from their current Broadway musical Nice Work If You Can Get It.

Lauer botched the Gershwin brothers-penned song title — “‘S Wonderful” — pronouncing it as a literal “Ess wonderful,” rather than the flowing “S’Wonderful.”

The mispronunciation caused a Twitter fury, with people calling the NBC host an “idiot,” saying that Gershwin would be “thrashing in his grave,” and coining a new hashtag: “#lauerfail.”

Other tweeters seemed to believe Lauer was sloppy because of age (he’s 54!) and fatigue. Love him or hate him, these over the top critiques of Lauer are representative of a new vocal chorus of media critics who are often angry and have no problem making the attacks personal.

Among the other vitriol directed at Lauer: viewers tweeted asking whether there was a way to mute Lauer’s voice during the parade; others said his performance left them in “complete disgust.”

Sheesh. You would think they were talking about coverage of the fighting in the middle east or the election, rather than a voice over of which kid friendly floats, balloons and songs were coming next in a celebratory parade.

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