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NBC’s Chuck Todd Dismisses Herman Cain As A Phenomenon Only With Fox News Viewers

Chris Matthews spoke with Chuck Todd about which candidates Republican primary voters are currently favoring. Although Todd admits that Mitt Romney has many more strengths than journalists tend to give him credit for, he suggests that he is a very “fragile front-runner.” Yet it’s a completely different candidate that Todd warns has poll numbers that seem to be inflated.

Todd tackled the phenomenon that is Herman Cain:

“Here is what’s fascinating about Herman Cain. We break down these Republican primary voters. There’s Fox viewers and non-Fox viewers. Among Fox viewers Cain is at 18%. Among non-Fox viewers he’s in low single-digits. This guy is – he is sort of a conservative cable phenomenon.”

It’s not clear why the distinction between voters who watch Fox News and those who don’t was relevant, yet regardless, if Cain wins over voters with each of his television appearances, then that sure seems like a good thing? Todd provided insight that was a bit more intriguing on two other Republicans. The fact that Texas Governor Rick Perry is polling on par with Tim Pawlenty says a lot about the strength of Perry who is still only a potential candidate. Although Matthews wasn’t entirely surprised with Pawlenty’s weak showing, since he “wussed out” in the debate.

Watch the clip from MSNBC below:

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