NBC’s Dylan Byers Calls Out CNN, Jake Tapper For Covering Trump’s Hurricane Meltdown


Well, this is an iteration of the cable news wars one doesn’t typically see…

MSNBC Media Reporter Dylan Byers appeared with anchor Stephanie Ruhle Friday morning to discuss news coverage of President Donald Trump‘s strange obsession in proving correct his prior warning that Alabama may be in harm’s way of Hurricane Dorian.

Perhaps it’s because there is a dearth of political news in the week that follows Labor Day, but the media has been remarkably focused on Trump’s controversial claim, only made worse by the super odd decision by someone in the White House to add a bubble to Hurricane map in sharpie during an Oval Office press event that only caused more derision, and justifiably so.

But back to the navel-gazing: Trump called out the media’s ostensible fixation on proving him wrong earlier on Friday, which was notably the fifth straight day in which he was also commenting, which gets us back to the meta-media angle put forth by NBC News’ media reporter.

Byers made the point that the current cycle of coverage has turned into something of a self-fulfilling and automated story generator.

“I do begin to wonder, five days into this story, if there’s not also a question to be on the media’s fixation of this story,” Byers noted, asking “How much are we participating in a feedback loop and what are we trying to achieve? Are we trying to demonstrate to audiences that the president and his administration are inept?” He added that “the amount of Americans believe he’s inept already know and the amount who support him aren’t even listening.”

He then turned his focus to his former employer, saying “I go to CNN.com and see Jake Tapper writing the lead story on the website about how Trump invited a Fox News journalist into the White House. Not to sound like a politician but there are kitchen table issues that so many more Americans want to read about.”

Byers is by and large a well-liked and respected reporter, who came to NBC News after a rather unfulfilling stint at CNN. Byers comments did not come off as petty or vindictive, and his criticism of CNN’s sometimes curious obsession with Trump seems well-founded. That said, it’s not as though MSNBC’s critical Trump’s coverage is materially different, though CNN at least has the confidence to feature opposing points of view.

So there you have it. Navel-gazing media types are no longer content to focus just on their own belly-buttons, they now gaze into each others’ navels as well. And me? Well, I’m gazing at the navels of the navel-gazer-gazers. (Please send help.)

Watch above via MSNBC.

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