NBC’s Geography Fail: Nightly News Wipes New Hampshire Entirely Off The U.S. Map

The Battle of New York versus Vermont-New Hampshire may not have ever happened, but if you watched NBC’s Nightly News last night, you may have come away thinking it did.

According to NBC’s graphics team, you see, the landmass currently known as the State of Vermont is now part of upstate New York. And Vermont seems to have moved its entire state over several miles by annexing its neighbor New Hampshire.

An insightful alt-historian might conclude that New York won the war by offering a secretive deal to Vermont: give us your land and we’ll let you have New Hampshire as your own new state.

But since that never actually happened, we can just chalk this NBC map up to bad geography lessons:

The poorly-designed map came about during a Brian Williams report on the deadly train derailment in the Québec province of Canada.

Watch below, via NBC:

[h/t FTVLive]

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