NBC’s Meet the Press Says Trump Calling Mattis a Dem May Be ‘A Tell’ About Firing: ‘The Writing’s on the Wall’


On Meet the Press, host Chuck Todd on Sunday brought up President Donald Trump‘s remarks about Secretary of Defense James Mattis, when he said on 60 Minutes that Mattis is “sort of a Democrat,” which Todd says is “a tell.”

“The President, he has a tell of when somebody’s about to lose their job, he says ‘I think they’re kind of a Democrat’, he one time referred to Rod Rosenstein that way,” said Todd. “When asked about the future of Jim Mattis, Secretary of Defense, he said ‘I don’t know anything, but you know… he’s kind of a Democrat.’ That, well, boy that’s a tell.”

Todd asked Hoover Institute’s Lanhee Chen, who worked with Mattis in the past, “is he a Democrat?”

“Not that I’ve ever seen. I mean I think this would be a staggering finding to anybody who’s spent time around him,” said Chen. “Look, Jim Mattis has been a stabilizing force for national security policy during this administration, he’s been somebody that’s presented a very reasoned point of view, I think a lot of people would be very nervous if Jim Mattis were departing this administration.”

“That having been said,” Chen continued, “it does seem like the writing’s on the wall with respect to some of the tells that we’re seeing out of the President.”

The panel generally agreed that Mattis and Trump have been in a rocky relationship and that the President isn’t listening to Mattis, and that Mattis wouldn’t go easy, so it would require a firing.

“I think it’s going to be hard to fire him, but I think that there are big changes coming after the midterms, and I think they’re telegraphing that he feels empowered,” said MSNBC’s Andrea Mitchell.

Watch the clip above, courtesy of NBC News.

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