NBC’s Alexander Faces Trump Head-On About Electoral Vote Claims: ‘Why Should Americans Trust You?’

At President Donald Trump’s news conference on Thursday, which was at least superficially about about the announcement of Alexander Acosta being his new nominee for Labor Secretary, he went into a long speech about his issues with the news media. When he took questions, NBC’s Peter Alexander quizzed him about a claim that he has been making since November: That he won the election by one of the biggest Electoral College margins in history. “You said today you have the biggest electoral margin since Ronald Reagan,” Alexander said, then going on to list the larger margins in previous post-Reagan elections. “So why should Americans trust you when you accuse the information they’ve received as being fake?”

As Trump responded, the television audio feed cut out, not returning until he answered Alexander’s second, unrelated question, so he was only audible via the White House public address system. All that was clearly communicated on TV was Trump saying “I was given that information. I don’t know.”

Check out the full exchange above.

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