NBC’s Richard Engel Calls First Try At Anchoring “Nerve-Wracking,” Says He’s “Glad It’s Over”

NBC’s Richard Engel, who’s traveled the world as an NBC News correspondent, has somehow managed to avoid sitting at the anchor desk–until now. This week, filling in for Andrea Mitchell on MSNBC, Engel traded in his reporter’s notebook for a studio and a teleprompter.

Engel, who talked about anchoring and himself in a very revealing interview with NBC News’ PR team, described sitting at the anchor desk as a “nerve-wracking” experience.

Engel admitted he’d been worrying about it the night before. Not so much because he’s averse to live TV–he’s not–it was reading the teleprompter, since he’s never done it before, and–as he shared with his Twitter followers ahead of his debut–he’s had life-long issues with learning disabilities:

I’ve always had learning disabilities growing up: dyslexia, and so reading moving words rapidly on a piece of glass is not something that comes easily to me. So it was something I was concerned about.

On air, it was hard to tell Engel hadn’t been anchoring before–and surely no signs he had any trouble with those fast-moving words on the glass. As for doing it again, he says “it’s a good thing to do, a good thing to know how to do, but I’ll leave it to the professionals.”

Watch the video here, from NBC News:

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