NBC’s Savannah Guthrie Grills Robert Gibbs On Obama’s Job Policy: ‘Why Doesn’t He Go For Broke?’

August is turning out to be a month dedicated in the media to hammering President Obama on his jobs policy– which, coincidentally, he has yet to release in any detail. On today’s Meet the Press, Robert Gibbs argued that the President had his hands tied by Congress on the jobs issue and that the economy was in too dire a situation to solve immediately, but host Savannah Guthrie continued to push him, reminding him polls showed the American people dissatisfied with the President’s performance and yearning for a concrete plan.

“The President isn’t worried about his job,” Gibbs assured Guthrie, “he’s worried about creating jobs for the rest of the country.” While Gibbs predicted “a very robust campaign,” he seemed convince that the President could turn the economy around soon enough to guarantee a win. Guthrie seemed not to fully buy this, however, or Gibbs’ subsequent claim that Americans understood the nation was facing “the most challenging economy of their lifetimes.”

“The American people know that,” she argued,” and they still say the President isn’t handling the economy the way they would want him to.” Gibbs responded blaming partisanship– “the American people want to see two political parties that can work together”– but Guthrie challenged this claim with the fact that the President, “for the first part of his term, had huge majorities.” Gibbs accepted the point but still argued Republicans were opposing policies in which there was not “a reason other than politics that that wouldn’t happen,” such as the payroll tax cut to incentivize hiring more employees at the business level.

As Gibbs turned back onto the partisan argument, Guthrie kept on the offensive, asking why the President seemed to be willing to give up much of his plan in the face of the Republican opposition. “Why doesn’t he just go for broke?” she asked, adding that he should “make a case for it” rather than “settling” for what he can get now.” “We can’t go back to a time when Wall Street was writing the rules,” Gibbs concluded, noting once again how many jobs were lost and how difficult it would be to revive the economy.

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