NC Dem Congressman Won’t Say If He’s Endorsing Obama To TV Reporter

This election season will certainly be a difficult one for the Democrats, and some of them over the past few years have done everything humanly possible to distance themselves from President Obama. This time it’s Congressman Mike McIntyre, a member of the Blue Dog Coalition, who won’t say that he’s endorsing Obama for president this time around. During an interview with a local TV station, McIntyre said he wants to keep his focus on his district and his own congressional race as opposed to the national race.

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When McIntyre was asked about who he was supporting for president last month, he literally fled the scene. This time he said he’s just keeping his focus local for the election year.

“We’ve always been steadfast in our work for eastern North Carolina and I’m grateful because we’ve had Republican and Democratic friends who have supported us because they know my heart is there and it’s not about any party agenda or any other person’s agenda. Our focus is on the congressional race in eastern North Carolina.”

Watch the video below, courtesy of WECT:

h/t The Weekly Standard

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