Neil Cavuto And John Banzhaf Get In Massive Shoutfest Over Ronald McDonald

Fox News’ Neil Cavuto brought on GWU School of Law professor John Banzhaf to discuss McDonald’s reaction to the so-called “food police’s” demands that the fast food chain retire its iconic and moderately terrifying clown mascot, Ronald McDonald.

Banzhaf said he wished the company would “kill off” the flame-haired clown in the same manner everyone’s favorite cigarette-shilling ungulate, Joe Camel, was discontinued in 1997. Cavuto took umbrage at the comparison, noting that Ol’ Joe was used to advertise one product, Camel cigarettes, but that McDonald’s sells much more than unhealthy burgers and fries. His guest shot back that Ronald McDonald (who, by the way, also happens to be the name and face of the company’s “Ronald McDonald House” charity) is not only “antiquated,” but a “legal liability” as well, tempting children to expand into rotund little balls made up of tooth decay and diabetes.

The two men then engaged in an increasingly heated argument about “stupid hypotheticals,” yogurt, alleged arrogance, and whether or not it is a parent’s – not the government’s, not a corporation’s – responsibility to determine what and how much a child can or cannot eat.

Take a look at the segment, via Fox News:

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