Neil Cavuto Defends President Obama’s Family Values And ‘Commitment To Fatherhood’

Neil Cavuto used the “Common Sense” segment on his show today to talk about how hard it is for bosses to balance their work and home life. And he particularly emphasized that one boss in this country has been doing his best to do it all and finding a good balance between the two. That boss? None other than President Obama. Cavuto used the segment to make a point that while many may disagree with the president’s policies, no one can say he doesn’t find time to take care of his family.

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Cavuto acknowledged that the Obamas are “raising kids in a pretty tough environment” and actually stood up for Obama as a good father.

“Policies can be debated here, I debate them all the time myself. But this man’s commitment to fatherhood cannot… It doesn’t hurt that in a minority community, deviled by so many absentee fathers, he is a constant presence.”

Cavuto said that while faulting Obama on his policies is one thing, one cannot simply fault him for not spending enough time with his children. He said “hats off” to “Dad Obama” in honor of Father’s Day this Sunday. Cavuto went so far as to praise Obama for being an “excellent” parent that others can look up to.

Watch the video below, courtesy of Fox News:

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