Neil Cavuto Hates Star Wars; Too Bad Everyone Else Disagrees


The third and final trailer for Star Wars: The Force Awakens came out on Monday night. So too did advance tickets for the Dec. 18 release, which caused movie theater websites to crash and lag late into the early morning hours. Despite all the excitement, however, did you feel it? Sometime truly awful and terrible. As if, to quote Obi-Wan Kenobi (Alec Guinness) in the original 1977 film, “millions of voices suddenly cried out in terror and were suddenly silenced.” That’s because Neil Cavuto, host of the Fox Business Network’s daily Coast to Coast program, decided to publicly express his distaste for the beloved franchise on air.

It all started when, during an interview with Republican presidential candidate Bobby Jindal, Cavuto asked the Governor of Louisiana if he would support rival Donald Trump if he secured the GOP’s nomination. “He’s not going to be the nominee,” said Jindal.

“That’s not what I asking, though,” Cavuto responded. “If he were the nominee, would you support him?”

Jinhal stressed that Trump wasn’t going to get the nomination because, unlike himself, the New York businessman wasn’t a “lifelong Republican.” Yet things took a turn for the worse when Cavuto subsequently asked the governor who he’d rather choose: Trump or Darth Vader?

The governor then began to demonstrate some serious nerd cred, wondering if the show host meant “reformed or unformed Darth Vader.” What resulted was, for a brief moment, an apolitical conversation about Star Wars that was actually fun to watch — a rarity for 24-hour cable news. But then Cavuto had to go and ruin everything.

“Are you going to watch the new Star Wars flick? It looks stupid to me,” he said. “I wouldn’t feel that was if Fox was putting it out. Is Fox putting it out?”

Throughout the rest of the show, Cavuto repeatedly returned to the matter, asking his guests whether or not they’d seen the new trailer and what they thought about it. Many agreed, like fellow Fox Business anchor Connell McShane, who called Star Wars “stupid” and “nonsense.” He even took to Twitter to express his sentiments on the matter.

Meanwhile, viewers began complaining online in the Coast to Coast website’s comment sections and on social media.

Cavuto took notice and acknowledged his viewers’ complaints, but he never backed down from his unpopular opinion about Star Wars. In fact, he kept repeating it.

“It’s got to stop! We are better than this. Now of course if this were a Fox film, I’d feel very differently,” he joked. “The whole series is stupid. That’s just my opinion.”

Luckily, not everyone over at Fox Business thinks the same way Cavuto does. Dagen McDowell refuted the show host’s claims in a later segment.

Check out the collected clips above, via Fox Business Network.

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