Neil Cavuto Interviews Nate Whigham, Black Tea Party Leader

Meet Nate Whigham, a tea party protester and organizer featured on Your World with Neil Cavuto today. Whigham is a conservative with a strong faith in the Constitution who is upset with the current direction America is heading in– and he also happens to be black.

Neil Cavuto interviewed Whigham, who for many on the left is considered a mythical being, along with co-organizer Julianne Thompson. Given the abundant accusations of racism against the Tea Party movement in general and, more specifically, social conservatives, Cavuto had to ask: what are you doing here?

Whigham was a good sport, claiming that “I guess I’m a racist” and admitting that he had voted for Barack Obama before “just knowledge” hit him and he realized that he disagreed with many of the Democrats’ policies. He also claims that after shouting “what?!” at him and looking confused, many of his family members and friends listened to what he said to say and said “wait a minute- you’re right!” “It’s just a question of getting the word out to more people,” he noted.

Watch the interview below:

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