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Neil Cavuto Is Extremely Pumped About Fox Business Election Coverage

Neil Cavuto is having a slumber party, and everyone’s invited. The Fox Business host seemed unable to contain his excitement as he told Washington Whipsers about Fox Business Network’s plans for election night. “I would bring cots,” he warned. “And enough Red Bull to keep you going to at least 2 in the morning.” Steve Forbes and former NYSE Chairman Dick Grasso will be among the night owls burning the midnight oil with Cavuto, who looks to analyze the election results from a strictly financial standpoint. “Fox Business isn’t about red and blue states, it’s about green,” he said, before clarifying: “Your money.”

Of course, ‘green’ has played a large part in the divisive ‘red state-blue state’ landscape, considering that so much attention has been focused on issues of government spending and fiscal responsibility, especially among the conservative Tea Party.

But Cavuto just wants to have a good time, and you can almost hear the cans of energy drinks being snapped open. “I’m going to combine all my drugs with a lot of alcohol seconds before going on the air,” he joked, referring to his multiple sclerosis medication. “It’s all a matter of adrenaline, though I certainly feel it the next day.”

Fox Business ratings have not merited that much enthusiasm of late, however, Cavuto’s supposed pre-show ritual of drugs and alcohol is certain to bring some much desired viewers.

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