Neil Cavuto: Mitt Romney ‘Botched A Lot Of Things Tonight’

During a post-debate interview on Monday night with Sen. John McCain (R-AZ), Fox Business Network host Neil Cavuto expressed his displeasure with Mitt Romney’s debate performance. He said that Romney had a lot of opportunities to attack President Barack Obama that he did not take. Romney “botched a lot of things” and missed several opportunities, according to Cavuto’s analysis.

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“Mitt Romney botched a lot of things tonight,” said Cavuto. “Benghazi, I don’t know what happened to that issue.” Cavuto said that there were many opportunities to hit the president on his administration’s failure to prevent and to explain their response to the attack in Libya, but Romney did not take them.

Sen. McCain replied that he thought President Obama was small and attacked Romney too much. He noted that, when Obama went after Romney and flippantly accused him of not understanding why the military discontinued bayonets, it was the Secretary of Defense who warned about downsizing the military.

“Golden moment lost,” Cavuto replied.

Watch the clip below via Fox Business Network:

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