Neil Cavuto on Blowback for Criticizing Trump Tweets: ‘What Is Fake Is When You Stop Being Real’


During a monologue yesterday, Fox News host Neil Cavuto excoriated President Donald Trump, telling him that it was his “tweeting” and “scapegoating” that that was causing him problems, not the “fake news media.”

At the end of his program this afternoon, Cavuto addressed the blowback he’s received from Fox News viewers over the past 24 hours. After recapping his previous day’s comments, Cavuto then read off a number of social media posts — some supportive, many critical.

After taking several minutes to cover the viewer feedback, Cavuto then delivered another monologue. In this instance, he provided what he felt was constructive feedback to the president, the media, and Trump supporters.

Explaining that while he incurred the president’s wrath early on in the campaign because he brought on his critics, Cavuto noted that he’s been fair to Trump since then, pointing out that Trump has a real economic agenda and momentum behind it.

“What is fake is when the media forgets that real momentum,” he said. “What is also fake is when the president himself disrespects that momentum. It works both ways.”

Cavuto went on to state that while he feels the president gets treated unfairly by the media, it doesn’t mean that anyone should be “glossing over this whole Russia collusion thing.” At the same time, per Cavuto, there’s time to cover the wealth that’s been created since Trump has entered office.

“To a president who hates any bad press — and name me one over the years that didn’t — fake is coverage he doesn’t like,” the Fox News host continued. “But fake can also be tweets and remarks that he makes that compound the coverage he doesn’t like.”

He added, “What is fake is when you stop being real. Including being honest with yourself from the president to the media covering the president. What is fake is when you hate the president and only record the bad. What is just as fake is when you love the president and only record the good.”

Watch the clip above, via Fox News.

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