Neil Cavuto on Dems’ ‘Faux Rage’ Over Nunes Memo: ‘You’re Actually Affecting My Appetite’


Neil Cavuto took some digs at Democrats this afternoon, accusing them of “hypocrisy” and “faux rage” over their insistence that the Rep. Devin Nunes memo not be released before if it is properly vetted.

Cavuto is so impacted, actually, that he jokingly suggested their actions are ruining his appetite.

“This faux rage about, even in this FBI memo stuff. ‘Can’t do this because it harms the FBI,’ coming from the same people who were ripping James Comey a new one over his treatment of Hillary Clinton at the FBI are the same people that say we have to get a disinfectant to all institutions, that they are not beyond being questioned,” the Fox host said.

He continued, “They praised doing that when it was time for the Pentagon to do the same when it came to inflating body counts in the Vietnam war. Everyone, then, was grateful for the light of day that that provided. The double hypocrisy and double standard on all of this is getting ridiculous. Now we’re pointing fingers at politicians and the words they use and the tone they take. You got to stop it, folks. You’re actually affecting my appetite. Well, almost.”

It is not only Democrats, however, urging against the release of the memo. Many members of the intelligence community, including President Donald Trump-appointed FBI director Christopher Wray have advised against it, citing potential danger to sources and agents in the field because it paints a “false narrative.”

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