Neil Cavuto Randomly Plays Whac-A-Mole To Demonstrate Increased Bank Fees

The competition is on between Fox News and MSNBC for the most creatively pointless demonstration of a concept that wasn’t too difficult to understand without a visual. MSNBC’s entrant: a dramatic retelling of the epic spending versus debt ceiling tale. And now Fox News presents Neil Cavuto playing whac-a-mole!

Cavuto opened by reporting that Bank of America was raising fees for customers on certain banking activities in order to make back money they lost as a result of last year’s financial reform legislation. In case that point wasn’t clear enough, and so that Cavuto had something to show for the duration of the segment, he revealed the whac-a-mole game. Cavuto made the connection between story and game by saying “each time the government tries to hammer out a regulation, more and more bank fees keep popping up just like those pesky moles”

Even though it’s a bit ridiculous that moles being whacked is the video that plays throughout the entire segment behind Cavuto and his guest, at least Cavuto is laughing, so it seems like MSNBC’s more serious debt-ceiling performance wins today’s absurdity award. Although since these random useless stunts are actually fun to laugh at, maybe one shouldn’t be too critical for fear of them being eliminated entirely.

Watch the clip from Fox News below:

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