Neil Cavuto Slams Trump: He Distracts from Good News by Attacking McCain, Swiping at Fox News’ Line-Up


Fox News’ Neil Cavuto today called out President Donald Trump for continuing to get in the way of his good news with continued attacks on the late John McCain.

“Seven months after John McCain is laid to rest, Donald Trump still can’t seem to give it a rest,” Cavuto said. “Forget about whether a president… should be doing this. Is this one risking losing a second term if he keeps doing this?”

He noted how a lot of people like what Trump is doing, even if they don’t like what he says, from his attacks on McCain to his griping about SNL or even, as Cavuto noted, Fox News’ line-up.

“[People] might not flip over the things that Donald Trump will say, whether he’s talking about a deceased senator he clearly doesn’t like, or a late-night comedy show he clearly doesn’t love, or even a Fox News line-up, we’re told, that he doesn’t entirely embrace.”

After a report from John Roberts, Cavuto went to his panel and said the president’s “John McCain fixation” is “in a field of its own”:

“The president is free to think what he will think about John McCain… They did not get along. It was always very very tense. I get that. But I always get the fact that the president is the President of the United States and it’s not very presidential.”

He asked Republican strategist Lauren Claffey, “Do you get a sense though that people are used to this or the kind of language or the harsh comments the president will make… that a couple years now, we’ve all gotten used to it and we accept that at face value, or do you fear that it boomerangs in the November ’20 elections?”

Claffey said she does fear it boomerangs in the election, but added that many people have “become numb” to Trump’s comments.

You can watch above, via Fox News.

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