Nephew of Ebola Patient Thomas Duncan: He Didn’t ‘Stand a Chance’ Because He’s Black

Josephus Weeks, the nephew of Thomas Eric Duncan, said Friday that Duncan would have survived Ebola treatment had he been white.

In an interview on CNN’s OutFront, Weeks echoed accusations he had previously made about Duncan, the now-dead Liberian man who was diagnosed with Ebola after having traveled to the U.S.

“He’s the only person that has died from Ebola here in America,” Weeks said. “He’s a black man. He’s poor, didn’t have insurance.”

Weeks had previously said the Texas hospital that treated Duncan was negligent in its care because Duncan was initially sent away from the hospital with only antibiotics, despite having some symptoms of Ebola.

“Had that been another name, you know, or another color, he would probably be living today and he would have survived it,” Weeks told CNN. “And that’s what’s really hurting me the most is because they treated him the way they did because of the color of his skin, and that’s very upsetting and disturbing, and know that you stand a chance if you’re white, but you don’t if you’re black.”

Other Ebola patients that have recently received care in the U.S. have survived the virus. The Texas hospital that treated Duncan maintains that it gave the best care possible under its circumstances.

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