Nevada Rep.: Bundy’s ‘Armed Separatists Need to Leave Our Community’

The national uproar over Cliven Bundy has largely dissipated, but there are still people perched at the Bunkerville ranch, and Nevada congressman Steven Horsford wants these “armed separatists” out of the community immediately, because their presence has made local residents and law enforcement fearful for their lives. Horsford told Ed Schultz today that “while Fox News and Sean Hannity may have abandoned Cliven Bundy, the militia armed separatists that are there haven’t.”

He said the residents of Bunkerville are “literally fearing for their lives” and while the situation has mostly calmed, there’s still a “serious confrontation out there.” He said that these “armed separatists need to leave our community.”

Horsford told Schultz these people aren’t even there for Bundy anymore, they are making a statement about their anti-federal government views and he said “we don’t need their agenda in Bunkerville or Nevada, we need them to leave our community.”

Watch the video below, via MSNBC:

[image via screengrab]

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