#NeverTrump GOPer Battles Bolling: You Fox Guys Behind Trump Are the Establishment Now

bolling tim millerEx-Jeb Bush communications director Tim Miller battled Fox News’ Eric Bolling tonight, who asked him why he continues to be #NeverTrump when that’s basically a vote for Hillary Clinton.

Miller was amused by the role reversal of the establishment and GOP donors lining up behind Trump, and said to Bolling, “You’re, in primetime on Fox, behind Mr. Trump, so now you guys get to be part of the establishment and I get to be the principled outsider.”

Bolling, who has defended Trump and told Republicans to get in line on a number of occasions, said he’s just reporting and is “not behind anyone.”

He was absolutely bewildered that Miller would see Trump as a bigger threat than Clinton, Miller amusedly told him, “You’re on the establishment side now, Eric!”

Bolling pushed back and argued that he would much rather trust Trump on something as important as the Supreme Court than Clinton, who would be guaranteed not to choose anyone Republicans would be remotely satisfied with.

Miller wondered exactly what Trump has done “to give you this trust in him,” saying that Trump is perfectly capable of changing his mind on every little thing, as he has demonstrated in the past.

Watch above, via Fox News.

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