New George Zimmerman Jailhouse Tapes Allegedly Reveal Plot To Hide Legal Funds

Prosecutors released new tapes of George Zimmerman, the man arrested for the shooting of Florida teen Trayvon Martin, speaking to his wife while under arrest before release on bail that they claim show Zimmerman was trying to hide thousands of dollars in legal funds from the court. Zimmerman, who returned to custody after the financial discrepancies were found, can be heard speaking in what prosecutors argue is code to tell his wife to hide the money.

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Shellie Zimmerman was arrested earlier this month for perjury, and these tapes are the prosecution’s prove, allegedly, that she and her husband were planning on hiding money from the legal fund to which their supporters donated. According to the audio, Zimmerman can be heard telling his wife he didn’t want her “to have too much [cash] on you,” as “it’s a safety issue,” while much of the rest of the calls, prosecutors allege, is code for discussing the same money. As the discovery continues, one can expect that more tapes will come out, though six are currently available and in the process of being mined for information.

You can listen to the calls (via Reuters’ Matthew Keys) below:

CNN’s coverage of the tapes (with some highlights) below:

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