‘New Low!’ Hannity Blasts ‘Pompous and Arrogant’ Scarborough for ‘Pooped Pants’ Comment


If Sean Hannity understands anything, he knows that if someone hits you, you’ve got hit back harder.

This was evidenced last night when the Fox News host blasted Joe Scarborough ostensibly over the MSNBC’s curious comparison of President Trump to a “kid pooping his pants,” though the friction between the two goes much deeper.

For the blissfully uninitiated, Scarborough “stepped in it” yesterday when he made the scatological reference after the covfefe dust-up (that captured the nation’s attention for more time than it should have.) After playing the clip, Hannity absolutely blasted Scarborough, going beyond his usual cultural commentary and laying into the very character of the Morning Joe co-host, saying:

Joe Scarborough has one of the lowest rated shows ever in cable. He always has. He has always had delusions of grandeur. He has begged for jobs here and that he be the president. He’s really just an arrogant, pompous jack — but the way him and his fiancee, Mika, are treating this — it’s a constant refrain over there.

They have taken it to a new low. They have no evidence, no facts, no message. They have no class, they have lost all of that integrity to those people who know what the facts are. It’s absolutely a disgrace and they are deceiving the few viewers they have left. If they continue this nonclassy attack on the president and his administration and everything he does, despite the list of great accomplishments so far — that integrity will cause even more and more people to simply turn the channel as you have indicated they should do if they don’t like it.

While Hannity and guest Herman Cain used the pooped pants comment as a means to eviscerate Scarborough, this particular battle was more likely rooted in a comment from last week, when Scarborough criticized the Fox News host for his Seth Rich coverage.

Hannity doesn’t appear to ever shy away from a fight, though if one looks closely to his behavior on Twitter, he rarely starts conflicts, but always aims to finish harder. One imagines that his favorite college football team is Notre Dame, whose mascot may never be more fitting: the ‘Fighting Irish.’

Watch the clip above, courtesy of Fox News.

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