New Poll Suggests Most Americans are Really Unhappy With Obama’s Handling of Terrorism

According to a new poll conducted by ORC International for CNN, the overwhelming majority of Americans aren’t too happy with how¬†President Barack Obama has handled terrorism in the past year.

60 percent of those polled expressed disapproval of Obama’s handling of terrorism, while 64 percent weren’t too impressed with his approach to combating ISIS. CNN suggests¬†these numbers are down significantly due to the recent terrorist attacks in Paris and San Bernardino, California.

The president’s numbers aside, 40 percent of Americans believe that the terrorists are winning in their fight against the United States (and everyone else). Meanwhile, 18 percent think that the United States and its allies are winning, and another 40 percent don’t think anyone is beating the other.

When it comes to party lines, dissatisfaction with the country’s handling of terrorism (and ISIS specifically) knows no bounds when it comes to the majority. 86 percent of Republicans are unhappy with America’s efforts against terrorism, while 79 percent of Independents feel similarly. 59 percent of Democrats disapprove of the country’s handling of ISIS and similar terrorist organizations.

Check out the clip above, via CNN.

[h/t CNN]
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