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New Pro-GOP Campaign Wants You to Know: ‘Republicans Are People, Too!’

In case you didn’t know that Republicans are people, a new campaign will help remind you.

A new video from a veteran of Mitt Romney‘s 2012 campaign seeks to end the “partisan vitriol” aimed at the GOP by helpfully informing people that there are Republicans out there who read the New York Times in public, drive hybrid cars, have dark skin, and/or have a beard and tattoos. They also sometimes purchase and then put together Ikea furniture.

The ex-Romney ad man, Vinny Minchillo, set up a website (with a simple URL) along with a hashtag #IAmRepublican, for social media purposes. Yes, many Republicans use social media, in case you didn’t know that either.

“On social media, I’ve been called every name in the book. It’s become socially acceptable to talk about Republicans in the most evil terms possible and that doesn’t seem right,” Minchillo told The New Republic. His campaign serves as a reminder that Republicans are not just political people, they are “friends, neighbors and do things that maybe you wouldn’t expect them to do.”

Watch the full ad below:

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