New SNL Cast Member Already Taking Heat for Past Tweets About ‘C*nts’ and ‘Whores’


Call it the Trevor Noah effect. Just as the new host of The Daily Show had his Twitter history mined for controversy after Comedy Central announced he was replacing Jon Stewart, Saturday Night Live’s newest cast member, Jon Rudnitsky, is now facing similar scrutiny.

Gawker’s Defamer blog appears to be the first out of the gate, publishing a compendium of “Tweets and Vines SNL’s New Cast Member Should Probably Delete” just one day after Rudnitsky received the good news.

While Noah’s controversial tweets mostly revolved around Jewish jokes and “fat chicks,” Rudnitsky’s Twitter history contains a number of jokes that could definitely be considered misogynistic, especially when taken at face value with no comedic context:

His live commentary of various pop culture events wasn’t much better:

And then there are the Vine videos, including this one, in which he jokes about getting shot while driving through a Mexican neighborhood:

At just 25-years-old, most of these “jokes” were made when Rudnitsky was barely old enough to drink. And like Trevor Noah before him, their lack of inherent comedic value seems almost as problematic as the stereotypes they espouse.

Perhaps Rudnitsky should have deleted these posts, as Gawker suggests, but if he were going to do that, it definitely should have happened before SNL broke the news that he was joining the cast starting next month. As it stands now, he will just have to push forward and hope that he can be funnier on the show than he has been on social media.

The good news is his more recent comedy, like this Straight Outta Compton parody, has shown a bit more nuance and promise:

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