New Video Released Of Casey Anthony Learning Of Remains Being Found

Casey Anthony has crawled back into the news cycle today, with a newly released video that reportedly shows Anthony learning that the remains of a young girl have been found. Up until today, this particular video had been sealed under court order, but during a hearing earlier today Judge Belvin Perry ruled on releasing the video. HLN has jumped all over the story during a break in their constant Conrad Murray coverage.

CNN explains both the source and content of the previously sealed video:

The video shows Casey’s reaction immediately after watching TV news reports saying police found remains that later turned out to be those of her missing daughter, Caylee.

The videotape came from security video in a waiting room at the Orange County Jail. It shows Casey receiving medical assistance. Judge Stan Strickland sealed the tape from the public before Casey’s murder trial because it was considered to be “highly inflammatory” and prejudicial.

During today’s hearing, defense attorney Jose Baez argued there are some HIPAA (Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act) considerations due to the fact that Casey received medical attention while she was in the waiting room looking at the television. WKMG’s attorney argues that HIPAA regulations pertain to medical data and not treatment, and insists the tape is part of the public record. We are waiting for Judge Perry’s ruling on the matter.

Watch the video for yourself below, courtesy of HLN:

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