New York Times Deletes Tweet Suggesting Trump Family as American Royalty

A verified Twitter account managed by the New York Times has deleted what they described as “poorly worded” tweet that promoted an article about the Trump families visit with the Royal Family, and suggested that the Trumps were American royalty themselves

The Twitter account @nytimesworld promotes the NYT‘s world news coverage and the specific article promoted in the now-deleted tweet is titled “For Trump, London Visit Is a (Royal) Family Affair.” The report describes the presence of all of Trump’s children (save youngest Barron) during the official state visit between the White House and the Royal Family.

The original tweet suggested that the Trump family had become the “American answer to British royalty.” A screen capture of the now deleted tweet:


The NY Times World Twitter account deleted that tweet and offered the following explanation:

And oft-repeated criticism amongst those politically opposed to President Donald Trump often acts like a “king” by flouting of accepted presidential standards, decorum and ignoring the checks and balances offered by separate but equal branches of government. This is best evidenced by the reaction by Rep. Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez:

But the deleted tweet clearly opens with the cultural reference of citing the Kennedy’s as American royalty (which is a time-honored media trope that gets no criticism.) Noting that the U.S. president’s family — which is inarguably very powerful — has some similarities in meeting with the Royal family would normally not be a controversial observation. But in these very divided times, there is a different standard. And perhaps rightly so.

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