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#NewCNNShows: Jon Stewart Calls on Viewers for Ideas on Improving CNN

Jon Stewart followed up on his announcement of last week’s fake CNN Kickstarter by announcing it’s raised a fake $4.3 billion dollars. And tonight Stewart upped the ante, calling on viewers to provide some top-notch suggestions on how to really improve CNN.

Stewart bragged that “we can do better than whoever’s currently running that network,” which he assumed was just “a roomful of angry chimps.” And he somewhat gleefully played a couple of montages of all the times he’s had some fun at CNN’s expense, suggesting possible new shows and new technology to really enhance the CNN experience.

And now you can get in on the action.

On the website they set up, The Daily Show invites you to share #NewCNNShows, #NewCNNSlogans, and #NewCNNTech.

And they’ve already gotten the ball rolling on Twitter.

You can watch the video here, via Comedy Central:

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