News Anchor Powers Her Way Through Story About Lab-Grown Vaginas

“Lab-grown vaginas.”

I defy you not to giggle just a little at that. And yes, it’s a real thing, lab-grown vaginal organs were successfully implanted in four teenage girls. A big victory for science! But a very awkward story to cover on the local news. WGN Morning News anchor Robin Baumgarten did her best to power through the story, keeping a straight face as she did a report where the word vagina was used twice.

After the brief report, she remarked, “That was a tough story for me to read, I just wanted you to know that.” In came co-anchor Larry Potash, cracking wise and asking her if saying “coochie-coo” would have made it easier to get through.

When Baumgarten remarked how how “odd” the story was, Potash responded, “I just did a story about the Wig and Penis.”

Happy Friday.

Watch the video below, via WGN:

[h/t HuffPost]
[photo via screengrab]

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