Newsmax CEO and Trump Friend Denounces Suspension of Acosta’s Press Pass: I Do Not Support That


Albeit he’s a self-proclaimed friend of President Donald Trump‘s, Newsmax CEO Christopher Ruddy said the commander in chief was wrong to suspend Jim Acosta‘s press pass.

In an interview Sunday, Ruddy told Reliable Sources‘ Brian Stelter that the punishment of the CNN correspondent went too far.

“I do believe it was overreached by the White House in suspending his credentials on the basis of that,” he said, referring to a recent press briefing in which Acosta attempted to persist with his line of questioning as an intern tried to take the microphone from him.

Ruddy, whose website is conservative, stood with CNN on the matter, noting the Trump administration could have responded with a less drastic measure.

“I think there was a lot of other intermediate steps they could have taken, they should have taken before that, and as a press organization I do not support suspending CNN’s White House access.”

Though Ruddy described himself as “a friend of” the president’s, he added, “I can disagree, and I disagree with this move.”

Still, he remained sympathetic to Trump on the issue of unfavorable coverage.

“The president has had an A+ performance rating in the economy, A+ military and security issues. And he’s being mired with all of these negative press attacks all day long.”

Watch the clip above via CNN.

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