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Newsmax Distances from Malzberg’s ‘Inappropriate’ Clinton Pregnancy Remark

In a statement to Mediaite, Newsmax executive editor Ken Chandler distanced the conservative media organization from its online host Steve Malzberg‘s comments about Chelsea Clinton‘s pregnancy.

On his Friday afternoon Newsmax TV show, Malzberg suggested Chelsea’s recently-announced pregnancy was a campaign ploy to benefit future grandmother Hillary Clinton‘s 2016 electoral chances.

“Pardon the skeptic in me,” he said, “but what great timing! I mean, purely accidental, purely an act of nature, purely just left up to God. And God answered Hillary Clinton’s prayers and she going to have the prop of being a new grandma while she runs for president. It just warms the heart. It brings a tear to my eye. It really does. Wow!”

The remarks resulted in several outlets mockingly branding Malzberg a “baby truther.”

Chandler responded on behalf of Newsmax with a statement that rebukes Malzberg’s “inappropriate” comments while maintaining that it was all said in jest:

Steve Malzberg’s comments were intended to be humorous not hurtful. They were clearly inappropriate and do not reflect the views of Newsmax.

Watch the original remarks below, via Newsmax TV:

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