Newsmax Host Questions Trump Lawyer on Mar-a-Lago: ‘Do You Have Evidence That the FBI Might’ve Planted Something, Anything?’


Newsmax’s Rob Finnerty tried to get Donald Trump’s lawyer, Alina Habba, to offer a substantial defense of the former president’s claim of being framed by the FBI.

Habba joined Finnerty on Tuesday for a conversation about Sarah Isgur and her analysis on the Mar-a-Lago documents scandal. Finnerty focused on the media coverage Isgur got when she recently observed that U.S. District Judge Raymond J. Dearie — the case’s special master — is forcing Trump’s legal team to produce evidence that the ex-president declassified the documents he says he did, plus defend his claim that the FBI planted incriminating evidence at Mar-a-Lago.

“All the things that Trump has said publicly, this judge is saying put up or shut up,” Isgur said on ABC’s This Week.

As Finnerty welcomed Habba to Wake Up America, he cut to the chase and asked, “Do you have evidence that the FBI might have planted something, anything at Mar-a-Lago seven weeks ago?”

“I’m not going to speak into details because it would obviously be confidential and go to the defense of the case,” Habba answered. As for the rest of her thoughts on the validity of Trump’s claims against the FBI, Habba’s argument essentially boiled down to the supposition: “you never know.”

The attorneys handling it, which I am not, but as I have said on the show before, I think the concern is that we have recordings of these agents going in, and then, we were not permitted to watch the agents in Mar-a-Lago go into his office space, for instance, or his bedroom, or Melania’s closet. And that is incredibly concerning. Another thing is they came in with equipment with bags, so you never know. Unfortunately, the climate that we’re in politically has led us to believe that we can’t really be sure that they’re following the rule of law at any point, and that’s the most concerning thing I think for all Americans right now.

Watch above via Newsmax.

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