Newsmax’s Christopher Ruddy on Mueller: ‘This Is An Illegitimate Special Counsel’

On Tuesday, Newsmax’s Christopher Ruddy attacked Robert Mueller‘s special counsel investigation during a segment on MSNBC.

“This is an illegitimate special counsel,” Ruddy said. “There is no underlying crime, and no allegation of a crime”

The MSNBC guest continued by underlining that “the statute for the special counsel — really important for viewers to understand this — says the special counsel can only be triggered if there’s an underlying criminal probe. Can you just tell me, what is the allegation against the President or any of his officials?”

Substitute anchor Kristen Welker, who led the interview about the alleged discussions about firing Mueller, replied, “Obviously, the legitimacy of the special counsel would be up for debate.” Ruddy countered, “I’m glad you admit that.”

Welker underlined that “obviously, Democrats would disagree with you, and a lot of Republicans would disagree with you. They would say there’s a real need for the special counsel.”

The Newsmax CEO soon acknowledged, “I do not believe he [Trump] will fire him [Mueller]. I think if they did fire, it would be a mistake.”

Later in the segment, Ruddy contended, “I think the White House communications office is doing a disservice to the President by not focusing on the fact that you have several…top prosecutors with Director Mueller that have donated to [Barack] Obama‘s campaign and Hillary Clinton‘s campaign…I believe it is a partisan effort to get the President by the special counsel.”

You can watch the full Christopher Ruddy interview above, via MSNBC.

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