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Newt Gingrich Appeals For Help In Iowa: ‘I Don’t Have The Resources To Compete With These Guys’

Newt Gingrich made a revealing comment Thursday about the state of his campaign in Iowa: he needs help. With the largely ceremonial but ultimately important Ames Straw Poll looming, Gingrich made it clear to a group of Iowa activists that his campaign’s having a bit of a rough patch compared to his well organized and well-funded rivals. “I don’t have the resources to compete with these guys.” Gingrich called Iowa “central to my future.”

Gingrich, who’s seen staffers depart and support dry up, conceded he doesn’t have the money to stage a top level get-out-the-vote operation in Ames:

“If you are going to Ames, I need your help at Ames,” Gingrich said. “We are not spending any money at Ames, so I am going to get whatever votes I get.

Watch it here, from MSNBC:

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