Newt Gingrich Brawls With Fox News’ Chris Wallace Over Debate ‘Gotcha’ Question

While his fellow GOP presidential candidates were busy zinging each other, former House Speaker Newt Gingrich livened up Thursday night’s Fox Presidential Debate by throwing some haymakers at moderator Chris Wallace. Wallace dared to ask Gingrich about his faltering campaign, and Gingrich responded by asking Wallace to “put aside the ‘Gotcha!’ questions,” and accused Wallace of “playing Mickey Mouse games!”

Wallace was having none of it, though, firing back at Newt “If you think questions about your record are Mickey Mouse, I’m sorry, I think those are questions a lot of people want to hear answers to, and you’re responsible for your record.”

Newt offered another rebuttal, critiquing the media for paying too much attention to campaign minutiae, and not on “what makes us different from Barack Obama.”

Wallace mocked Newt in his next question to Jon Huntsman, saying, “At the risk of raising Speaker Gingrich’s ire, I’m going to ask about your record, sir.”


Here’s the clip, from Fox News:

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