Newt Gingrich Continues to Blast CNN: ‘A Propaganda Network’


Newt Gingrich made headlines the other day for a New York Times report in which he was said to have advised President Donald Trump to exclude CNN from the White House briefing room.

Wednesday on The Story, host Martha McCallum asked the former House Speaker about the report.

“You said you think that CNN, the president should cancel relations basically with CNN and exclude them from the briefing room? Really?” McCallum said.

Gingrich stood firm.

“When Harvard reports that a network is 93 percent negative, they are not a news network,” Gingrich said. “They are an attack network. These people find excuses, talking points to attack Donald Trump all day, every day. The new president of France kicked two networks out because he said they were propaganda networks. I regard CNN as a propaganda network.”

Gingrich was citing a study released by Harvard’s Kennedy School’s Shorenstein Center on Media, Politics and Public Policy in May, which found that CNN’s coverage was 93 percent negative towards President Trump. NBC also checked in at 93 percent negative, while CBS was at 91 percent.

Gingrich said that Trump had no incentive to engage with reporters from the network.

“Explain to me why, if you look at a reporter who you know nine times out of 10 is going to be negative, why would you allow them to ask a question? What good does it possibly serve the president?” Gingrich said.

But McCallum backed the rival network.

“All the important questions need to be asked,” she said. “And there needs to be transparency in the White House, and they need to answer questions.”

Watch above, via Fox News.

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