Newt Gingrich Gives Romney Some VP Advice On The Tonight Show (Hint: It’s Not Snooki… Yet)

In a wide-ranging interview with Jay Leno, former Republican presidential hopeful Newt Gingrich spoke candidly about his campaign, his former staff, his wife, and his continued hopes for an American moon colony. He even presented the NBC host with a helmet for his eventual moon broadcast.

Later in the interview, Leno wondered whether Gingrich and Romney were ultimately more damaging to one another than the Democrats were. Well, Gingrich said, “I certainly did everything I could to stop him.”

When asked if he’d ever consider being Romney’s VP, Gingrich couldn’t help but laugh. “I would be very flattered, but I’d think he’d lost his mind,” he said, adding that he’d have to consult with his wife before deciding anything for sure.

“As a House member, this hurts,” he continued, but he feels that a Senator would be the most helpful and pragmatic choice for a Romney running mate.

Have a look at Gingrich discussing VP picks, courtesy of NBC:

Gingrich also managed to make a fan in fellow guest Snooki:

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